School Leadership Team (SLT)

School Leadership Team (SLT)

Every NYC public school is mandated to have a School Leadership Team (SLT) composed of students, faculty/staff and parents. The SLT is a vehicle for collaborative school-based decision-making and advises the school administration. The SLT is also charged with creating and updating the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), and alligning the school’s budget and resources according to the needs of the CEP.  The Student SLT reps provide a unified voice of students reporting to the SLT on a monthly basis.

Who we are:
Students elected to the SLT are elected to represent the BHSEC community to the BHSEC administration
* Students elected to the SLT are the communications liaisons between the SU and the SLT
* The SLT is made up of students, faculty/staff & parents who act as an advisory board to the principal
* One student rep, as well as one alternate student rep, are elected by their peers from each grade

What we do:
* Solicit input from the school community and ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of students

* Help to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of the schools Comprehensive Educational Plan
* Act as a liaison with the Students Union by attending Students Union meetings in addition to the monthly SLT meeting

Time commitment:
* Attend the monthly SLT meeting (the 2nd or 3rd Monday of each month at 5pm) when school is in session

* Attend the Student Union meetings each month (in addition to the monthly SLT meeting) in order to be effective communications liaisons between the SLT and the SU.
       **If an SLT member does not report to the SU on a monthly basis, s/he will lose her/his position on the SLT**

* SLT reps must submit brief written reports to each body (the SLT and the SU) of each body’s activities as well as issues/updates from your respective grade

Click HERE for meeting Minutes

How to run:
* Fill out the google doc provided which asks who you are and your reasons for running for representative student government.

* SLT representatives will be elected by ballot in each advisory.

All SLT meetings are open meetings (i.e., any student may attend), however, only elected representatives may vote and develop meeting agendas.  Roberts Rules of Order govern the meeting process.