2020-2021 Clubs

Club Meeting & Contact Information

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NOTE: The below entries are from last year, and are on this page so that you may read the mission statements to get an idea of what clubs do -for CURRENT Club information click on the above link

***All clubs meet after school virtually (until further notice from the Dept of Ed.*** Student Leaders are listed first, with their BHSEC email address, and club email address (if any); all faculty/staff advisors email addresses are: first initial last name @ bhsec.bard.edu (ie: kpowell@bhsec.bard.edu). Contact Ms.Powell, with any questions about clubs if you cannot find the answer here


African Students Organization

American Sign Language

Bardbarians Ultimate Frisbee Team
Mission: We are the BHSEC Ultimate Frisbee Team! We have a history of success at this school, and intend to continue this pattern in our upcoming season. We train hard throughout the entire year so that during our season in the Spring we can remain one of the strongest teams in the city. While we work to be the best team we can, our top priority is having fun. On the team we teach newcomers how to play the game, and hone the skills of those who are more experienced. Our main goal is to win the New York State Championships – as we did last year – and build the team so that next year we can enter the National State Championships.
Leaders: Alexander Drogin
Advisor: K Cho

The Bardvark
Thebardvark.com, bardvark@gmail.com
Advisor: S Mazie
Mission: The Bardvark is BHSEC’s student newspaper, dedicated to showcasing Bard’s amazing student reporting

Bardvark, the Yearbook
Advisor: K Powell
We chronicle the year’s events, people, places and capture the spirit of our school through photos & stories. You will have a great time learning layout, design, journalism, photojournalism, and will be part of the official journal of our school’s year. And you will have a beautiful hardcover book published, with your name in the credits!

Best Buddies
Leaders: Ella Crowther Y1
Mikayla Yurman Y1
Advisor: K Novak
Mission: Best Buddies is dedicated to make our community more inclusive by patterning with another school, and developing friendships with students with intellectual and development disabilities

Black Students Alliance

Hindu Student Association
Leaders: Tasnim Alam; 10th Grade
Vidhi Nayee; Year 2; vn843m@bhsec.bard.edu
Advisor: HReich
Mission: This club focuses on South Asian culture that includes the countries, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. Although, we perform Bollywood dances, this club is not only limited to dance. This club provides education about South Asian culture, history, traditions, arts, languages, etc.

Charlotte Lang
Charlotte Lang, cl948m@bhsec.bard.edu
Advisor: D Miller
Mission: BuildOn is a platform that allows students to fund raise money, and then use that money to build schools in third world countries around the world. This club will be mostly independent from school, as most of the fundraising will be done on each student’s personal time. This year, the goal is to raise 30k in order to build a school in Malawi this summer, and 10k is already raised. The club will simply be a way for students participating to help organize different fundraising events in addition to

Dungeons & Dragons
Leaders: Rose Foley, Y2
Lila Carr, Y2
Advisor: Z Holbrook
Mission: The revival of BHSEC’s infamous D&D club, but with a twist. Delving into the world of D&D head first, and later exploring lesser-known role-playing games. Come for imagination, cookies, and a good time.

Debate Team
Leaders: Lucia Fishel, Y1
Jules Morris, 10th grade
Fina Reilly (10th grade, fr268m@bhsec.bard.edu), Jason Wong (Y2, jw173m@bhsec.bard.edu), Edona Cosovic (Y1, ec792m@bhsec.bard.edu)
Advisor: PDelgado

East Asian Culture
Tenzin Dhonden, Y1, td782m@bhsec.bard.edu
Advisor: MCheng

Our club mission is to strive to raise awareness and promote the interest of Asian Culture. By providing events and activities, we are committed to provide an immersive experience academically, culturally, and socially of different Asian Cultures.

ECO Club

Veronica Atamyeyeva Year 2
Anju Meyer Year 2
Advisor: AHale
Working to reduce the carbon footprint of our school and supporting personal as well as community efforts to combat climate change. We can do more than you think!

Gender and Sexuality Alliance ( GSA)
Advisor: D Clark
The GSA ( Gender and Sexuality Alliance) is a community space and information hub for LGBT+ experiences both in and outside of BHSEC. We aim to unite, educate, and mobilize LGBT+ students and allies through forums, trainings, and events. We acknowledge the disparate experiences of all the students under the umbrella of LGBT+ and hope to be a place where dialogue about these differences can take place. We’re here. We’re queer. We’re full of existential fear. Get into it.

Itching To Stitch
Miranda Morales,  Y1
Rebecca Zhang, Y1
Advisor: P Riviere
Alongside learning the arts of knitting, crocheting, and looming this club donates the completed projects to selected organizations meant to help the communities around us, an example would be donating the completed projects to domestic abuse survivors.

Jewish Student Alliance
Sonia Chajet Wides, Co-President, Y2
Minna Bachman, Co-President, Y2
Ms. Millman
JSA aims to provide a Jewish space for students at BHSEC filled with conversation, food, fun, learning, and community. We meet weekly and each of our meetings has a theme. Meetings typically include a presentation led by club members/leaders and lots of discussion. We also do hands on activities, take trips, and plan events. We also have monthly Shabbat dinners at members’ homes, and are currently planning our third trip to the national J Street Conference in D.C.

Latin American Student Organization
Natalia Liranzo, Year 2
Tirzah Thomas, Year 2
Advisor: JCooombs
We want to create a safe space for students of Latin descent to congregate and discuss issues that have to do with their Latinx identity. We also hope to make those who aren’t of Latin descent aware of the issues that they may not face but that their peers may face due to their identity. We hope to see you there!

Law Club
bhseclaw@gmail.com, bhseclaw.weebly.com
Advisor: UEmbola
We intend to craft a group of dedicated students who are interested in learning more about the law and the creation of arguments in a courtroom setting. It may sound intimidating, but everything was at one point! All Bard students come to this school because they found something interesting about it, chose to apply, and were smart enough to get in. Being interested in the laws that shape life or simply having a desire to polish up public speaking skills creates the perfect environment of Law Club. There will be snacks at meetings, prep for mock/moot court and some discussion around recent developments in law! Hope to see you once every other week!

Lit Mag
Maya Silver, Y1
Advisor: J Kiley
BHSEC’s Lit Mag is a space for students to submit, critique, and create their own poetry and prose, culminating in a polished and student-curated collection of student-authored work.

Model UN
Declan Gunn, Y2, dg793m@bhsec.bard.edu;
Advisor: A Rockenbach
The Model United Nations team provides a platform for BHSEC students to become global citizens. In presenting opportunities to interact with engaged peers from around the world, the team aims to create a new generation of concerned individuals invested in our geopolitical future and able to develop and articulate solutions to our shared problems. Students will improve their speaking and diplomacy skills all while having a blast. Bond with classmates and make new friends on the roads. Everyone is welcome!

Music Club
Jo Shuman Year 2
Maya Silver Y1
Advisor: M Zimbelmann
A place for people who have already learned an instrument to play with others. People in the club are separated into bands, and at the end of the year, the bands will all perform together.

Panthers Step Team
Mission: A fun Open space to be physically creative and active in a rhythmic matter. Representing BHSEC, we compete and perform all around the city.
Advisor: C Turitz

Philosophy Club
Maia Critchlow, Y2
Kieren Cusack, Y2, kc641m@bhsec.bard.edu, Ruby Goodman, Y1, rg494m@bhsec.bard.edu
Advisor: B Matthews
The mission of philosophy club is to keep the BHSEC student body engaged in thoughtful philosophical conversation. Students from a variety of grades/backgrounds gather each week to discuss a specific philosophical topic or philosopher. Topics from the previous year include the nature of truth, religion/spirituality, naturalism, ethics, and philosophy of death.

Leaders: Charlotte Lang, Y2
Advisor: ALambrou
Mission: We showcase the bright photographic minds of our school, while also helping and learning from one another. In the age of Instagram and almost all of us having smartphones, photography has become much more accessible. and we can provide even more of an outlet for students. We are open to students of all backgrounds and skill levels. Although it’s preferable if you have a camera, it is not necessary. We seek to teach the basics of film and digital photography, eventually creating a collective body of work that would culminate in either a photo show or a zine –perhaps both!

Quizbowl – reorganizing
bhsecquizbowl@gmail.com; instagram.com/bhsecquizbowl
Quizbowl is an academic competition with questions from all fields (including pop culture and current events!). The BHSEC team travels to tournaments and hosts two of our own each year.

Reading Partners
Rivka Stasavage, Year 2
Anik Schorer, Year 2
Advisor: K Randall
We are part of the larger reading partners organization which volunteers at elementary schools, specifically ps 188, to tutor underserved children in grades K-4 to bring them up to their grade’s reading and writing levels.

Science Olympiad
Anju Meyer Y2
The Science Olympiad Club aims to prepare students to attend the Science Olympiad, a competition for high schools all across the NYC area in early February.

Scrap Art Magazine
Huiwen Chen Y1
Advisor: ADolan
Mission is to inspire goodness in the hearts and minds of the artists in our community and to introduce to those who would never consider art as an option.

Softball Club

Luca Katzen Y1
Edona Cosovic Y2
Advisor: T McVeigh
To provide BHSEC students with an opportunity to learn and practice softball on a weekly basis.

STAGE (Students Taking Action for Gender Equity) 
Luca Katzen, 10th, lk784m@bhsec.bard.edu
stage.bhsec@gmail.com, https://stagebhsec.wordpress.com
Advisor: C Nolan
This club provides a space for students to discuss feminism, gender, sexuality, and women’s issues inside and outside BHSEC. We aim to open up the conversation around these topics during our weekly meetings, as well as school-wide events like the Sadie Hawkins Dance, the tampon drive, and more.

Stock Market Club – reorganizing
The Stock Market Club will spend the year learning about the ins and outs of investing in the stock market. We’ll get a taste of “real” investing by participating in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game and its different components. It includes a Fall, Spring, and year-long competition, as well as essay-writing about the nature of the stock market.

Theater Club
Chloe Pacetti Y1
Annie Morrison Y1
Advisor: A Dolan
Our mission is to bring recreational theater to bused in a fun and productive way

Ultimaidens (Her Frisbee Team)
Mikayla Yurman Y2, Anik Schorer Y2
Advisor: K Cho
Ultimaidens is a unique sports team. We create an environment where people learn and practice a sport they love. At the same time, we become a supportive community. Our mission is to allow as many people as possible to partake in this experience


The BHSEC-M Yearbook staff is open to all grades for students interested in journalism, graphics, layout design, etc. The design process is completely on-line. The Yearbook chronicles the life of the current BHSEC school year and publishes a high quality hard-cover book for sale to all students, which is included in the Y2 Dues for graduation. Advisor: Kpowell@bhsec.bard.edu