BHSEC CLUBS: Created & Run by BHSEC Students!

CLUB GUIDELINES: In order to start a club you MUST have:

1. A student leader (from any grade) who oversees weekly club meetings.
2. A faculty advisor who is willing to be present at all club meetings and fundraising events.
3. At least eight club members willing to be part of your club.

All new AND old clubs must register with Mrs. Powell in Room 209 in order to be an official club for the 2016-2017 school year.  Even if you were registered last year, we need CURRENT club information (advisor, members, mission statement/description, etc.)

Pick up a Club Registration Form AND a Faculty Advisor Form in Room 209.

All clubs must meet after school or before school.
– Meetings MUST be held on the day that is assigned to your club AND in the classroom that is assigned to your club.
– If you need to make day/room scheduling changes, please let Mrs. Powell know ASAP.

– Are assigned by Mrs. Powell
– If you would like to request a specific board, please see Mrs. Powell in Room 209

– Be respectful of other clubs when posting flyers on bulletin boards – don’t use tape or put flyers over a club’s information.
– MUST be approved by Mrs. Powell AND your club advisor.
Flyers can be posted on hallway bulletin boards ONLY- NOT on school walls.

– The majority of club funding should be raised through your club’s fundraising efforts – Club Advisors MUST be present at club fund-raising events and help turn in the funds collected.
– There is also an opportunity to receive club grants from the PTA. You MUST save your receipts in order to get reimbursed. See Mrs. Powell for a check request from. All receipts MUST be submitted no later than mid-May in order to get reimbursed for the school year.
All club funds should be submitted to Mrs. Powell to hold in the school safe for deposit.

– Submit a completed Event Request From to Mrs. Powell  in room 209.
– You will receive confirmation of your event once it has been approved at which point you may begin advertising your event through advisory. announcements, flyers, emails, etc. (Again, all advertisements must be approved by Mrs. Powell AND your club advisor.)


Advisor Responsibilities:

  1. Advisement for clubs is a voluntary position.
  1. It is your responsibility to make sure that clubs adhere to all rules and policies which are outlined above.
  1. You must be present at all club meetings.  In the event that you cannot be present at a meeting, you must arrange for another adult (faculty, staff or parent) to be present, or the meeting must be rescheduled.  Co-club advisement (that is sharing the responsibilities with another faculty or staff member) is strongly encouraged!
  1. In cases where club leaders are not available you will be asked to act as a liaison with a club’s members.
  1. You must approve club flyers so you know what your club is promoting around school.
  1. Make sure that all club funds are submitted to Mrs. Powell to hold it in the school safe.
  1. You must be available to attend your club’s extracurricular and fundraising events as needed (i.e. school dances).  You are not required to attend weekend activities that students organize outside of school with the exception of school-sponsored programs such as conferences or field trips