Planned Parenthood

Thank you for your interest in volunteering or interning for Planned Parenthood of Greater New York! By assisting in our health centers and our administrative offices, volunteers and interns make it possible for us to fulfill our mission. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Volunteer Program at 212-274-7284.

Ways to get involved:


Fill out our general volunteer application form and someone from PPGNY will be in touch with you.


Our six-week paid summer internships span departments including clinical, education, communications, and more, and are open to undergraduate and graduate students. Apply for an internship:

John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth identifies and develops the talents of the most advanced K-12 learners worldwide. As part of Johns Hopkins, CTY contributes to the university’s mission by preparing and nurturing the bright young people who will go on to make significant contributions to our world.

Civic Leadership Institute

CLI students explore the complex challenges that affect our communities, and develop the knowledge, experience and leadership skills they need to make a positive impact on the world.

Through an introductory course in Service, Leadership & Community Transformation, students are challenged to learn in new ways and apply their skills in real-world settings. Several times a week, in their class groups, students engage in service projects that span neighborhoods, organizations, and approaches to addressing social problems.

Tentative Program Dates

June 28, 2020 – July 17, 2020

Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Campus
Baltimore, Maryland

June 28, 2020 – July 17, 2020
Northwestern University Evanston

If you have questions or need additional information, contact CTY at (410)735-6277 or

Global Issues in the 21st Century: Grades 10-12

Session 1 at Princeton University: June 21–July 10
Session 2 at Berkeley: July 19–August 7

As citizens living in the 21st century, we face numerous challenges and opportunities. In an increasingly interconnected world, choices we make locally have significant global implications. CTY’s program for tenth through twelfth graders focuses on key global issues in the 21st century.

By bringing together academically talented students from all over the country to wrestle with major issues facing the world today, our summer programs are able to offer an unusual educational experience, one geared both to the students’ high abilities and to their need for peers who share their academic abilities and their love of learning. Princeton University and the Center for Talented Youth’s Global Issues Program atBerkeley are two of the premier educational institutions in the United States, offering outstanding settings for this program. As you read through this catalog, you will learn more about what we have to offer and how our courses can help highly able students explore their potential to the fullest. If you have already experienced our summer programs, we welcome you back.

Enroll now

For more information, visit 

Reality Check | Student Engagement (NYC Smoke-Free)

Reality Check, our student engagement and youth action component, is a student led, adult supported, statewide program for youth between the ages of 13 through 18 to address tobacco control initiatives. Students who join NYC Smoke-Free’s Reality Check program  participate and lead activities and events to help expose the tobacco industry and reduce the number of teens that initiate smoking.

With NYC Smoke-Free Reality Check, students will…“>

  • Develop leadership skills with opportunities to work with peers across the state
  • Become stronger public speakers
  • Build confidence and enhance teamwork skills while meeting new friends
  • Engage legislators on issues that affect youth across the country
  • Find a safe place to explore interests and utilize talents to advocate for a cause
  • Discover a world full of fun experiences and new activities
  • Fulfill service requirements to attract perspective colleges/universities
  • Create multimedia projects that are used to educate their communities and the nation.

For more information, visit

NYC Youth Leadership Councils

NYC Youth Leadership Councils (YLCs) are a network of youth groups focused on policy, practice, and advocacy to make local change happen.

Each YLC is a space to team up with others, share ideas, create solutions, and put those solutions into action with the support from City agencies, schools, and community organizations.

Find a YLC and apply now.

Your voice can make a difference in your community.

YLC members create solutions for:

  • Advocating for mental health support and resources
  • Preventing gun violence in communities
  • Influencing citywide environmental sustainability awareness initiatives
  • Encouraging nutritious diets and healthy lifestyles
  • Connecting youth to digital resources for research and advocacy
  • Using art as a tool for social action
  • And more!

For a full list of active YLCs and the issues they’re working on, visit the YLC Application.

How to Apply

Find out the requirements for joining a YLC and the simple steps you can take to apply.

Who’s Eligible

You can apply to a YLC if you’re between ages 14 and 21 and currently enrolled in high school or an equivalency program.

The Andrew Goodman Foundation

The make young voices and votes a powerful force in democracy.

We discover emerging social impact talent and support current champions of progress. We introduce legendary humanitarians to the men and women not far behind them, and the young adults who aspire to their courage. We are the place where heroes ignite: spread ideas, collaborate, inspire others, scale impact.
Our rallying cry is not around a single problem, one global issue that affects millions or even a small local issue that wreaks havoc on a few hundred. Systemic issues, like educational and economic inequity, persistent environmental issues that plague under-resourced communities, racism and intolerance, cannot be met with singular, neat and tidy solutions. Social justice issues move by the sustained efforts of many individuals.

We call on you to help us recognize, empower and equip heroes, to permanently change the world.

For more information click here.

Action Fellowship

Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is offering an opportunity to  high school students to participate in  Action Fellowship

It’s an excellent program where Fellows will work to advance a local climate solution here in New York City, gain knowledge in climate science and learn how to speak publicly about the issue they are advocating for.

We offer a $100 stipend per semester and have meetings once a week. 



Possibility Project works with diverse groups of teenagers over the course of a year to develop crucial skills such as leadership, cross-cultural competency, conflict resolution, and educational attainment. 

Using the performing arts and community action as vehicles, our youth explore the most challenging conflicts in their lives and communities, and learn to transform them into positive action. 

A sizable group of participants are chosen during non-competitive “auditions.” These “auditions” include completing a written survey, as well as engaging in improvisation, simple dancing, and singing. Criteria for participant selection include group diversity, need for the program, availability, willingness to collaborate, and concern for the various issues facing young people today. No one is chosen on the basis of talent or ability.


More details here:

No previous performing experience necessary.

NY Civil Liberties Union: Teen Activist Project (TAP)

The Teen Activist Project (TAP) is an exciting youth program that engages NYC teens as organizers and peer educators on civil rights and civil liberties. TAP members work on a range of advocacy issues including the rights of pregnant and parenting teens, student’s rights, racial justice, LGBTQ right, etc. TAP is a great opportunity for young people interested in law, health care, social justice issues and community organizing.

To apply, you should

  • be between the ages of 14 and 21 in the NYC area, and currently enrolled in High School or a GED program
  • be available to meet every Monday from 4:15 – 6:15 pm at our office in lower Manhattan
  • be interested in student and youth rights, health and social justice
  • be committed to meeting and presenting workshops throughout the week
  • be interested in current social events and how they impact young people

Note: Students of all backgrounds are eligible for the program, regardless the immigration status. 

What will I get out of participating?

  • starting salary is $10 per hour (limit 30 hours per semester)v or community service hours
  • leadership, public speaking, and community organizing skills
  • knowledge about the law and how it affects young people

For more details, visit:



TEAM to Walk for Suicide Prevention

BHSEC CLUBS: form a TEAM to Walk for suicide prevention with the NYC Chapter of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at the Out of the Darkness Walk! Donations raised support critical educational programs held within the local community, increase our outreach to at-risk groups within the community, and strengthen the advocacy program. Join  at one of our 5 area Walks: 

Staten Island- 10/2/16 - Clove Lakes Park - Register  HERE

Manhattan -10/23/16- Battery Park City.  Register HERE.

Bronx - 10/29/16- St. Luke’s Church -Register HERE

Brooklyn - 10/30/16- Brooklyn Promenade – Register HERE

Queens - 11/6/16- Flushing Meadows Park - Register HERE

EVERYONE is welcome to walk – any participant thirteen years and older is REQUIRED to register for the walk.

Family Court Division Youth Leadership Council (FCD YLC)

Family Court Division Youth Leadership Council (FCD YLC) needs high school students to be the youth voices needed to improve policies in New York City. The YLC will be responsible for observing all aspects of court processes to provide feedback from the stakeholders on a variety of issues including court efficiency, technology, case filings, dispositions and victim impact.

See Ms. Powell for the paper application. 

Application due by Oct. 21