March 29, 2018


Minutes 3/29

Grade Reports
1. 9th grade – nothing to report.  Everyone is happy as clams (jk but no tangible problems)

2. 10th grade – classrooms were inexplicably locked.  Rumor about freshmen arson? No
transparency. Course of action:
a. Find out why they’re locked
b. Don’t lock

2. Y1 – Some people have problems with teachers.  What to do? Course of action:
a. Talk directly to teacher about issue
b. Go to guidance counselor

2. Y2 – nothing major
Committee Reports

1. Only Bylaws met, reelected Evan
Health and Safety Committee

1. We will try to coordinate with Health and Safety Representative about a fuller report at a
future meeting

Blood Drive
1. No one wants our blood – we’re all too skinny.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
1. Most people who filled out survey (a lot of people filled it out!) were either neutral or
positive about it
2. now we have solid stats

Community Day
1. May be shortened (not a full day) bc of all the school we missed
2. Maybe we can clean the classrooms?  Do workshops?

1. It was good!  We’re doing things but:
a. Need more SU members present (at least 1/grade)
b. Posters will be sent out sooner

New Business
1. Even if committees have no ideas, still meet! Brainstorm new stuff!
2. Ms. Powell can put minutes in her blog?  We could also put link to minutes in email
along with blurb (clickbait)