Sonia and Celina Sotomayor Judicial Internship Program

(“SCS JIP”)  The SCS JIP is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit established in 2014 that places diverse, underprivileged high school and law school students in state and federal judicial internships during the summer.  The mission of the SCS JIP is to increase diversity in the legal profession by educating and empowering diverse students from underserved New York City communities.  

Additional Details Regarding the SCS JIP High School Division’s Summer Schedule: For more info and application go to
Prior to beginning their four to five week internships, SCS JIP interns attend a comprehensive orientation covering chambers etiquette, the New York City, State, and Federal court structure, and professional development tips and advice.  As part of their work with their federal or state judge from Monday through Thursday, high school interns conduct chambers work such as doing online research, writing assignments like fact summaries and deposition digests, and observe court proceedings.  On Fridays, the interns attend educational and professional development workshops at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse and off-site locations.  In addition, the high school interns receive a complimentary pre-funded Metrocard for the entirety of their internship, an online SAT preparatory course, and a student stipend.  The Friday programming, lunches, complimentary Metrocards, stipend, and SAT courses are made possible by our partnerships with the MTA, Kaplan, professional bar associations, law firms, and individual donors.

Monday, November 25, 2019 – High School Division Application Opens.

Click Here for the Application. Deadline Feb 14

Marlboro College Summer Encampment Program: Voting Rights and Educational Reform

Apply if you: Want to make a difference in your community; Want to participate in a summer residential program with youth from many backgrounds; Are between 15-18 years old; Want to become a part of a national and intergenerational community of social justice activists and leaders from across the country.

Go here for: Recruitment BrochureOnline Encampment ApplicationApplication PacketFee Waiver Application

NY County DA’s Office College Internship Program

The internship enables college students to gain first-hand exposure to the criminal justice system and local law enforcement in the borough of Manhattan. Students work closely with Assistant District Attorneys and other staff who are investigating and prosecuting criminal cases, providing support to crime victims, assisting with investigations, and analyzing pending legislation, among other tasks. Internship assignments will be based upon the student’s interests, skills, and the needs of the office.

Internship Prerequisites

Applicants should have a solid academic record, but we consider academic performance to be only one indicator of an applicant’s potential. Equally important are the qualities of personal character, integrity, judgment, and maturity. Prior leadership experience and a demonstrated commitment to public service and the community are valued qualities. We encourage students to have taken at least one criminal law-related class. United States citizenship is not required for internship placement.

As with all employment, the office is firmly committed to a policy against discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or employment status. Given the diverse nature of our community, the ability to work with people of different backgrounds is critical. In addition, the office seeks to have staff that reflects the diversity of the community that we serve. To that end, we actively recruit minority applicants.

See below for more information about our Semester and Summer Opportunities. If you have or will receive your undergraduate degree before the internship program begins, click here for other opportunities at our office.

Semester Internships

Depending on the assignment, students may assist in investigations, hearings and trials; prepare, compile and analyze legal and non-legal documents and financial data; perform research, observe witness interviews, participate in community outreach programs and attend trials.

  • Time Commitment:  Students will be required to work at least one full day and a half day totaling a minimum of 12-15 hours weekly throughout the course of the semester, with a minimum twelve week commitment to the internship.
  • All semester internships are for academic credit. Please see your college Internship Coordinator for more information.
  • Eligibility:  Students must have completed their freshman year to be eligible for internship placement.

Summer Internship Program

Depending on the assignment, students may assist in investigations, hearings and trials; prepare, compile and analyze legal and non-legal documents and financial data; perform research, observe witness interviews, participate in community outreach programs and attend trials. The program also includes a variety of educational programs and activities, including a weekly Lecture Series, Brown Bag Lunch Discussions, a Mock Appellate Argument exercise, and a visit the New York City Police Department’s Tactical Training Facility.

  • Time Commitment:  Students will be required to work full-time during the ten week program. The program begins the first Monday in June. There is a weekly stipend.
  • Eligibility: College sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply to the summer internship program. Applicants must have completed a minimum of two years of college by the time the internship commences.

To apply for a college internship position click on ”Application Process” below. We strongly encourage you to review the FAQ section for more information about our application process.

Suffolk County DA’s Office College Internship

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office offers the opportunity for law school and undergraduate college students to participate in unpaid internship and externship programs. Interns are assigned to bureaus within the office where they are teamed with assistant district attorneys to assist in areas such as legal research and writing, trial preparation, witness interviews, court calendar control and evidence organization. The following programs are available:

1. Law School Externship clinics – Both Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center and Hofstra Law School offer criminal externship clinics for school credit wherein a limited number of students are assigned to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office as Law Assistants under a student practice order that allows law school externs to perform the duties of a Junior Assistant District Attorney in the District Court Bureau. Law Assistants prosecute misdemeanor and lower level cases. Students in other law schools that offer criminal law practicum externship programs may apply for a position as a Law Assistant. Acceptance of these students into the program will be on a case by case basis. Law students must follow the school’s application process for this program. The District Attorney’s Office does not participate in the selection process for either school’s externship program. Students accepted into the program by the school are allowed to participate in the program only after the successful completion of a background check by the District Attorney’s Office. Participation as a Law Assistant allows a third year student interested in applying for a position as an Assistant District Attorney to bypass the first round interview process with an invitation to a second round interview subject to the student’s performance as a Law Assistant.

2. Summer Internship program – The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office offers unpaid internship opportunities to law school students during the summer. A limited number of unpaid internships are also available to undergraduate college students. Students are advised that requests for internships far exceed the number of intern positions available. Summer interns are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week and, as internships are unpaid, workday schedules are flexible to allow for students to have paid employment as needed during the summer break. Summer internship requests sent to the office prior to March 1st will not be considered.

3. Fall/Spring semester internships – The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office offers a limited number of unpaid internship and school externship opportunities to law school students during the fall and spring school semesters. Requests for internships that are required for course credit must be made as early as possible to ensure that any hours worked requirements by the school’s program to earn school credit can be met.

Any paperwork or forms for an internship that involves a stipend or any other form of payment by the school or any other source must be submitted by the school, along with all similar applications from the same school, at the earliest possible date. Failure to follow this procedure may result in a denial of a request for an internship.

To apply for an internship, send your resume and cover letter by mail to: Mr. Edward G. Heilig, Division Chief, William J. Lindsay County Complex, Building 77, Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788 or send the cover letter and resume addressed to Mr. Heilig via e-mail to


For more information, visit:

Queens County DA’s Office College Internship

Our internship programs offer an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the work of the office while at the same time gaining valuable experience. Both the Summer Internship Program as well as the program for students during the fall and spring semesters share many features:

• All internship programs are on a volunteer basis. We make every effort to assist potential interns seeking grants, fellowships or academic credit.

• Our Intake Bureau does accept interns for evening and weekend positions. We will attempt to accommodate those students who may have scheduling requirements.

• We offer opportunities in all bureaus – for descriptions, click on “Divisions and Bureaus” above. We ask successful applicants for input in their bureau assignment, and we do our best to assign the intern to one of their expressed preferences. In fact, candidates who are invited for an interview should be prepared to discuss bureau assignments.

• Interns remain in the same bureau during a summer or a semester. As we expect that our interns will be making a valuable contribution – no “make work” assignments – we feel that both the intern and our office will therefore receive the greatest benefit by concentrating on a single bureau.

• We expect that interns will become an integral part of the bureau to which they are assigned. In the Appeals Bureau, interns will receive research and writing assignments including briefs to be heard by the Appellate Division, Second Department of New York State Supreme Court. In the Investigations Division, interns will become part of teams of Assistant District Attorneys and Detectives. In both the Trial Division and the Major Crimes Division, interns will take part in case preparation which includes witness interviews and possibly a trip to the crime scene. We make efforts for interns to serve as second seats in hearings and trials.

• There are a limited number of positions available in the summer program. In addition, there are a limited number of interns assigned to each bureau. Therefore, many summer assignments become unavailable by early spring.



Interested law school and college students should submit a resume and cover letter – no other materials are required. Please submit your application to:

Office of the Queens County District Attorney
125-01 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11415
Attn: Vincent J. Carroll, Jr., Counsel to the CADA

Any questions may be directed to Mr. Carroll at


For more information, visit:

NY County DA’s Office 2020 High School Internship Program

The New York County District Attorney’s High School Internship Program is a rigorous internship that provides students with an insider’s view of the criminal justice system. Each intern is assigned to a unit within the Office and helps Assistant District Attorneys and other staff members with their work. Interns also attend presentations and trips and participate in a mock trial competition.

For nearly 30 years, the program’s interns have represented a variety of public, independent, and parochial schools from the diverse communities of Manhattan. We will be accepting applications in February from bright and promising students who are interested in serving their communities. Interns receive a $175 weekly stipend.

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must live in Manhattan or attend school in Manhattan (no exceptions will be made).

Applicants must be sophomores, juniors or seniors in high school at the time they apply (current freshmen may not apply)

TIME COMMITMENT: Applicants must commit to attend the entire program from July 5, 2018 – August 10, 2018, Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM (students will not be permitted to start after July 5 or leave before August 10)

Application Requirements

The application opens February 10, 2020. The deadline to apply is March 9, 2020 at 5:00pm (Eastern Standard Time). Applicants will be required to attach the following:

  • A one-page resume
  • A 300-word essay discussing why you want to intern at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office or describing your interest in criminal justice
  • A letter of recommendation – may be uploaded by the student or emailed by the recommender to
Please send an email to


For more information, visit:

FBI Volunteer Internship Program

The New York Office Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) offers high school and undergraduate students who reside or attend a school within the Metropolitan New York City or New Jersey area; an exciting insider’s view of FBI operation and provides an opportunity to explore the many career opportunities within the Bureau.


Ms. Cileane White, Administrative Specialist

(212) 384-8110


Richmond County District Attorney’s Office’s Internship Program

Internships are avaliable to high school, college, and law school students during the Fall, Spring and Summer. Applicants, please be advised that pertinent information regarding internship opportunities can be found on the website provided below.


Additional Information:

Phone: 718-876-6300 -Human Resources number, Ext. 7170 (Ask about internship opportunities)


Bronx County District Attorney’s Office’s Internship Program

There are internship programs available to high school, college, and law school students. All internships are unpaid. High School students seeking an internship during the academic year, must intern for at least two half-days a week and college and law school students must intern for one-and-a-half days a week. High school interns interning in the summer will be required to intern Monday through Friday, 9 a.m to 4 p.m and college and law school Summer interns must intern Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Applicants are asked to contact Ms. Maria Rivero for more information. The application deadline each year is February 15th.


Additional Information:

Contact: Ms. Maria Rivero

Phone: 718-590-2258


Hispanic National Bar Foundation’s Future Latino Leaders Law Camp

The Future Latino Leaders Law Camp is a nine-day program in Washington, D.C., held by the HNBF and provides for 30 Latino high school students to learn more about the legal profession. The Law Camp is offered cost-free! Students must be in high school, entering his or her sophomore, junior, or senior year or be a recent graduate.

Contact: Christie Lewis, Interim Executive Director

Email us at

Direct any application related questions to

Phone: (202) 496-7206