Center for Anti-Violence Education

The Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE) works to disrupt hate violence. We do this by developing and implementing empowerment self-defense programs so that the most marginalized New Yorkers build tools to stay safer. And we teach active bystander interventions so that more New Yorkers move from being bystanders to violence, to Upstanders against it. We do this work to actively create a more just and peaceful world.

CAE’s approach combines education, physical empowerment, leadership development and activism. Programs center the needs of women, girls, people who are Trans, Gender-Non Conforming and LGBQ, as well as those at increased risk from racism and xenophobia. CAE is based in Brooklyn and in 2019 we worked with more than 3,000 New Yorkers across the five boroughs.

CAE envisions a world that is peaceful, equitable and just. We work with the most marginalized among us as and with New Yorkers seeking to be better allies to actively create this world we want to live in.


The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) develops Asian American and Immigrant high school youth to tackle issues of injustice in their communities. Through education, service, and action, youth gain a deeper historical and political understanding of their experiences in America, and they work to impact social change on a local level and in their daily lives. YEP is open to all students currently attending public high school in New York. There are three YEP sessions each year: two during fall and spring terms of the school year, and one during the summer.

Apply here:

Questions? Contact Ying at, 718-460-5600, x302

Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Check out Sadie Nash leadership projects. For more information on deadlines and requirements:

Sadie Nash Leadership Project promotes leadership and activism among young women so they can be agents of change in their lives and in the world. Our programs include:

1. Summer Institute is an award-winning 6-week summer program for self-identified young women and gender-expansive youth currently attending  high school.

2. ELLA (Engage, Learn, Lead, Act) is a fellowship program for young women ages 16-22 who want to begin social justice projects in their communities.

3. The Partnership Program provides an opportunity for schools and community based organizations to bring a customized leadership class to the young women they work with.

4. Sisterhood Academy is a year-long, after-school program for 9 – 11th graders who identify as young women and gender expansive youth.

5. Nash U is a program to support you with your college planning process.

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Applying is easy! Remember, you must be in high school to in order to apply and you must be in one of our 27 regions in order to win the Prize.


Each committee evaluates applications on each of three criteria.

  1. The first is the significance of your activity and how it promotes racial harmony, understanding, and mutual respect among community members.
  2. We also consider how important your role was in the activity.
  3. Finally, we consider the scope and impact of your activity on the community.

There are two parts of the application — one for you and one for your sponsor. Your sponsor must be a teacher, advisor, community or religious leader, or other responsible adult, who is not related to you, and who oversaw your project or who has directly witnessed your project’s outcome. Both parts of the application are due by January 31, 2020. Apply now!

Visit the website for more information.

Covenant Houyse Headquarters Internship Programs

Summer Internships

Designed for high-achieving juniors, seniors, and graduate students, Covenant House’s New York City Headquarters Summer Internship Program offers accepted applicants the opportunity to experience first-hand the workings of the largest privately-funded agency serving homeless youth in the Americas. Covenant House invites a select group of students each year to participate in a 10-12 week immersion working with project teams and strategic initiatives that are central to the organization’s success.

We provide interns with as much educational and experiential value as we can in exchange for their hard work and dedication to their summer’s projects. Interns gain great experience not just in general non-profit management, but in research, business writing, project management, finance, human resources, development/ fundraising, marketing, issues of youth homelessness, advocacy, and the use of technology in carrying out a non-profit organization’s mission.



Planned Parenthood

Thank you for your interest in volunteering or interning for Planned Parenthood of Greater New York! By assisting in our health centers and our administrative offices, volunteers and interns make it possible for us to fulfill our mission. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Volunteer Program at 212-274-7284.

Ways to get involved:


Fill out our general volunteer application form and someone from PPGNY will be in touch with you.


Our six-week paid summer internships span departments including clinical, education, communications, and more, and are open to undergraduate and graduate students. Apply for an internship:

Trevor Project Volunteering

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is dedicated to recruiting qualified volunteers to provide life-saving, life-affirming support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. As the heart of The Trevor Project, our volunteers accomplish societal and individual change by creating safe spaces for LGBTQ youth in crisis and promoting awareness of Trevor’s resources. Through their endeavors, Trevor is dedicated to uplifting and supporting our volunteers as they work to empower LGBTQ youth nationwide.

**Please note: You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer.

For additional information, visit:


The NY All-City Marching Band

The NYC – All City Marching Band is made up of students from public High Schools in all five boroughs of New York City. (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island)
We are the official marching band of the City of New York and perform in numerous parades throughout NYC including any parade by a championship winning New York sports team. Past performances have included field shows, parades, athletic events, concerts in the park, and the All-City Music Showcase at NYU.

All rehearsal are held at the Grand Street Campus located at 850 Grand Street, Brooklyn. (15 minutes from Union Square on the L train)

Auditions for the ACMB are held each year in June.

Any student interested in the marching band experience that does not play an instrument is welcome to join the COLOR GUARD!

The color guard is a corp of dedicated students that use colorful flags, costumes, and dance moves to add visual excitement and appeal to the music the band plays.

For more information, visit

Law Enforcement Exploring Program

Law Enforcement Exploring is a community service, career-oriented program designed to educate young men and women, ages 14-20, about Law Enforcement.

Exploring reaches out to New York City’s young adults in every community to help build up relations between the community and New York City Police Department.  Explorers are taught the importance of higher education, self discipline, and respect for authority while they actively participate in community service projects and other Exploring events.

For more information, visit


The Experiment in International Living

The Experiment in International Living provides summer abroad programs for high school students who want to connect deeply and engage meaningfully with the richness and complexities of another country. Participants explore the host country through hands-on experiences in local communities and through the lens of a specific theme.

Programs are designed to equip participants not only with essential cultural skills, college prep skills, and, in many cases, language skills, but also with a deeper awareness of and sensitivity to critical global issues shaping the diverse communities and regions we visit. Each year, hundreds of Experimenters come away from their summer abroad with invaluable new skills, connections, awareness, and knowledge that help them to thrive — and lead — in diverse, intercultural environments.

The Experiment is committed to providing participants from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds with access to The Experiment’s immersive cross-cultural programs through its partnerships, scholarships, and other initiatives.

Our Programs - A thematic focus — on sustainability and the environment; arts and social change; language and cultural discovery; leadership training; or peace, politics, and human rights

Our Summer 2020 application is now available, so apply or pre-register today!

We are now accepting applications for summer 2020 on rolling basis. Our priority enrollment deadline is on February 12, 2020.

The Leadership Institute application deadline is on January 15, 2020.