Center for Anti-Violence Education

The Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE) works to disrupt hate violence. We do this by developing and implementing empowerment self-defense programs so that the most marginalized New Yorkers build tools to stay safer. And we teach active bystander interventions so that more New Yorkers move from being bystanders to violence, to Upstanders against it. We do this work to actively create a more just and peaceful world.

CAE’s approach combines education, physical empowerment, leadership development and activism. Programs center the needs of women, girls, people who are Trans, Gender-Non Conforming and LGBQ, as well as those at increased risk from racism and xenophobia. CAE is based in Brooklyn and in 2019 we worked with more than 3,000 New Yorkers across the five boroughs.

CAE envisions a world that is peaceful, equitable and just. We work with the most marginalized among us as and with New Yorkers seeking to be better allies to actively create this world we want to live in.


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