Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Check out Sadie Nash leadership projects. For more information on deadlines and requirements:

Sadie Nash Leadership Project promotes leadership and activism among young women so they can be agents of change in their lives and in the world. Our programs include:

1. Summer Institute is an award-winning 6-week summer program for self-identified young women and gender-expansive youth currently attending  high school.

2. ELLA (Engage, Learn, Lead, Act) is a fellowship program for young women ages 16-22 who want to begin social justice projects in their communities.

3. The Partnership Program provides an opportunity for schools and community based organizations to bring a customized leadership class to the young women they work with.

4. Sisterhood Academy is a year-long, after-school program for 9 – 11th graders who identify as young women and gender expansive youth.

5. Nash U is a program to support you with your college planning process.

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