Hunter College STARTALK Honors Chinese Program

Summer 2017, June 29th-August 1st

This Summer 2017 program for high school students is free of cost, however students have to pay for meals and transportation to Hunter College or field trip sites.

A) Summer Session (Non-credit)- open to 10-15 students with no prior Chinese background.

  • First 3 weeks consist of face-to-face sessions on Hunter College campus
  • Face-to-face time consists of traditional classroom time and one-on-one class with native Chinese speakers
  • Last week is an Online Session: at the student’s home
  • Last day of the summer session, students return to the Hunter college campus for their final assessments

B) Optional Post-Summer Session starts at the end of August(Post summer Session can be taken for credit for select 11th and 12th graders; non-credit for others)

Students who complete the summer session are eligible to apply. 11th and 12th grade level students with an outstanding performance will be awarded a scholarship to take a 3-credit college-level course.

Application form available on:

For questions, call (212) 396-6724 or send an email to

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