NYC Youth Leadership Councils

NYC Youth Leadership Councils (YLCs) are a network of youth groups focused on policy, practice, and advocacy to make local change happen.

Each YLC is a space to team up with others, share ideas, create solutions, and put those solutions into action with the support from City agencies, schools, and community organizations.

Find a YLC and apply now.

Your voice can make a difference in your community.

YLC members create solutions for:

  • Advocating for mental health support and resources
  • Preventing gun violence in communities
  • Influencing citywide environmental sustainability awareness initiatives
  • Encouraging nutritious diets and healthy lifestyles
  • Connecting youth to digital resources for research and advocacy
  • Using art as a tool for social action
  • And more!

For a full list of active YLCs and the issues they’re working on, visit the YLC Application.

How to Apply

Find out the requirements for joining a YLC and the simple steps you can take to apply.

Who’s Eligible

You can apply to a YLC if you’re between ages 14 and 21 and currently enrolled in high school or an equivalency program.

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