STARTALK Chinese Program at Hunter College

The curriculum features language immersion with a theme-based and task-based approach and utilizes authentic materials in the target language.

For communication, students will practice speaking in class, on the phone, and online. They will read and write e-mails, blogs, and comments to and from language partners from China, instructors, and peers.

For culture, students will practice calligraphy and be introduced to the art work of famous Chinese artists. Furthermore, students will work on a cultural project on a topic of their choice.

For connections, they will learn about the evolution of Chinese characters from a historical perspective in relation to the Chinese dynasties, and about the invention of paper and printing.

For comparisons, students will compare their lives with those of high school students in China. They will play Chinese chess and discuss the similarities and differences between Chinese chess and Western chess.

For communities, they will do community service to benefit Chinese immigrants, and learn about the history of Chinatown.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

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